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Auto Trade Driver

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Auto Trade Driver


Auto Trade Driver is an automatic trading tool that helps you to manage risk and control orders and maximize your profit in multi-protect/trailing-stop rules.


This tool is very useful for both scalpers and trend followers. It not only calculates the trade risk in line with your parameters, but also can assist in protecting and maximizing your potential profits, or minimizing losses, in real-time.

With Auto Trade Driver, you only have to enter trades by your own strategy, then it will auto-drive your position with exit strategy you chose.

Fully automated controlling

One-click-trading panel

Advanced built-in risk management

Drag and preview trade risk before open

Real-time trade risk monitoring

Support 11 order’s profit protect methods

Allow 5 trailing-stop methods

Support partial close management

Ultimate order processing shortcuts

Flexible order filtering

Control all orders just from one chart

Allow multi-controlling rules applied

Compatible with other EAs

Auto recovery after shutdown/turn-off

Ignore broker’s Stop/Limit level

Real-time control panel

Auto update new version

Support both MT4 and MT5 platform

Licenses & Pricing

License types Trial license Full license Subscription license Referral license
Price Free 99$ / license 24$ / 1 month
49$ / 3 months
79$ / 6 months
Simultaneous accounts per license* 1 account
at the same time
10 accounts
at the same time
10 accounts
at the same time
Referred account(s)
Expiry 7 days after registration No After subscription period No expiry as long as your account is under our referral and account balance is at least 2000$
How to get Free registration Purchase by our supported payment methods Purchase by our supported payment methods Open live trading account with one of our partner brokers under our referral and deposit at least 2000$

*You can use the product with any account number or on any computer/VPS. But only a maximum total amount of simultaneous accounts is allowed to use the product at the same time.

Compare with our other products

FEATURES My Money Manager Trade Controller Auto Trade Driver
Real-time control panel
Calculate lotsize base on stoploss risk
Place orders by drag-n-drop
Preview order’s exit point before enter
Auto protection with multi-methods
Auto  trailing stop with multi-methods
Auto partial close with 3 levels
Ultimate order processing shortcuts
Extra order statistic panel
Platform supported MT4 & MT5 MT4 & MT5 MT4 & MT5
Usage purpose Risk management, lotsize calculating, order monitoring Order control: Protection, trailing-stop, partial close, order processing shortcuts All of those


Regardless if u are a scalper or a day trader, the tool is a must have for all people locking for a easy to use and clear trade management. It has an amazing graphical user interface and functionality is great. I tried several tools but this one is the best I used so far.Lines (Germany)
If you are a scalper and understand money management is more important than strategy, you will understand the power of this software. Are you still struggling trying to make money? Learn to focus on money management and harness the power of it! Kudos for building this incredible software!Jaychiew (Singapore)
EA works great, and AutoFxPro is super helpful if you need anything! I’d highly recommend buying this product to any trader.Rudy (United States)


Manual Guide

Download manual guide: Click here

This is frequently asked questions (FAQ) and our answers relate to features of product Auto Trade Driver (ATD). For other general FAQ, please check at our main FAQ area. If you have further concern, please leave your question at our contact page.

What can Auto Trade Driver do?
Auto Trade Driver is an automated tool that helps you to manage trade risk and control your existing orders bu multi-protection and trailing stoploss rules in order to maximize the profits.
Can I backtest it?
No, this is not a trading robot. So, you cannot backtest it in MT4/MT5 terminal. Instead, you can use it with trial license in 7 days. Trial license allows you to experience all features as in full version.
Can Auto Trade Driver work together with my other EAs?
Yes, it can coordinate perfectly with your other EAs if you want to control those EAs’ orders with your own rule.
How can I apply multi-rules for order controlling?
Just attach ADT to multi-charts in your terminal, then apply rules for each chart. All the rules will be applied on “first-come, first-served” basis.
Do I need to open my MT4/MT5 terminal all the time?
Yes, it’s recommended to open your MT4/MT5 with “Auto Trading” feature turned on all the time in order to make sure the EA will not miss any control action.
Is it necessary to configure the commission setting?
Yes, it’s necessary in order to calculate your trade risk (lotsize) exactly. If your account has no commission, just leave it as zero.

Commission setting

Sometime, I see that the SL,TP or TrailingSL is not set. Why?
Your account’s Stop/Limit level may be larger than the SL,TP or TrailingSL distance that you set, so that the EA cannot set it (this is prohibited by terminal). But the EA can still recognize and watch it in real-time, whenever the price reach those point (SL, TP or TrailingSL) the EA will “manually” close the order.