Who is
What does provide?
Does the AutoFxPro member at MQL5 Community represent

Products and Services

How many license types of product are provided?
Why can I not register trial license for second time?
How the product is delivered after I buy or subscribe it?
How can I receive version for MT5?
How can I install the product on my MT4/MT5 terminal?
How can I activate my license for the product on my account?
Can I share my product license to another person?
How can I know which accounts are using the product with my license?
How can I use the product on another account number if the maximum allowed simultaneous accounts exceeded?
How can I upgrade from subscribed license to full license?
How can I renew/extend my subscription?
What kind of service does provide?


Which payment methods are accepted?
Is my payment secure?
How can I pay by Credit/Debit cards?
What should I do if there is payment error and I don't receive the product?

Referral license

What is referral license?
Why is referral license provided for free?
Does the referred account have widen spread or extra commission?
How can I open account under's referral?
What is minimum required balance?
How long will my referral license be expired?